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Tea- loose leaf

Tea- loose leaf

Proudly made in Australia, all our teas are processed, blended & packed in-house in Australia

Loose leaf tea in green tea, oolong, white tea, puerh and black tea from Ausralian made & artisan crafted specialty tea manufacturer of loose leaf tea.


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pu mai tan (White Peony)
White Peony, known locally as Pai Mu Tan, is a delicate tea made from tea buds collected and with..
Buddah's Tears (Jasmine pearl) 50gm
Jasmine pearl flower tea is a fragrant, refreshing tea made by combining jasmine flower blooms wi..
silver needles- 50g
Silver Needle White Teas are only produced in the Chinese Fujian province of southeast Mainland C..
Puerh vintage tea 2006 -50g
Puerh 2006 vintage -5g Puerh tea is tea that has been aged in carefully..
Shui Xian oolong tea- 50g
Shui Xian Oolong Tea Shui Xian was mostly known for being from Wu Yi Mountain ,Fujian provin..
Gaba Oolong- 50g
Gaba Oolong Tea GABA Tea is one of a rare bread of teas that was initially developed, not on..
earl grey
loose leaf hand picked Ceylon black tea with bergamont oil. A nice strong citrusflavoured Ea..
Oriental Beauty- 50g
Oriental Beauty (IMO certified organic) The beauty tea have many names: Formosa oolong, cham..
organic green tea- 50g
loose leaf hand picked organic ceylon green tea. single plantation grown at an altitude of 90..
Japanese Lime green tea- 50g
Japanese Lime a refreshing blend of Bancha green tea and sun dried Tahitian limes a balan..
sencha green tea- 50g
loose leaf hand picked sencha green tea. from central China a fine tea with delicate green te..
Gunpowder green tea- 50g
a nice smooth Chinese green tea to be enjoyed any time of the day, processed by rolling the t..
da hong pao (big red robe) tea- 50g
Big Red Robe-Da Hong Pao 大紅袍 There are 5 famous Rock Wu Yi Oolong teas.They are “Da Hong Pao..
long jing (dragowell) green tea- 50g
a premium grade of this famous chinese tea from China's dragon Well tea garden dating back to the..
Morroccan Mint
A refreshing blend of gunpowder green tea, peppermint and spearmint. Let this exotic tea take..
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