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Tea- loose leaf

Tea- loose leaf

Proudly made in Australia, all our teas are processed, blended & packed in-house in Australia

Loose leaf tea in green tea, oolong, white tea, puerh and black tea from Ausralian made & artisan crafted specialty tea manufacturer of loose leaf tea.


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organic olive leaf
a sweet organic Australian olive leaf 50 gram ..
Black Chai Tea
a traditional black chai tea, crafted from high altitude single estate black OP grade tea + blend..
lemongrass and ginger
Crafted from cut lemongrass and Australian ginger root, garnished with hibiscus & calendula f..
Organic White Chai Tea
Crafted from organic  Chinese Pu Mai Tan white tea blended with aromatic spices Most sui..
echinacea, lemongrass & ginger
organic immune boosting blend 50 gram ..
Aniseed Delight
a nice aniseed flavoured tea of aniseed myrtle, aniseed, liquice root. A nice balance of sweetnes..
Chamomile Blue Moon
a blend of whole chamomile flowers , peppermint and blue cornflowers a nice calming tea for t..
Ginger Tea
Crafted from Australian ginger root 50gram ..
Hibiscus Tea
sweet hibiscus tea with a lovely deep red colour 50 gram ..
tea herbal, lemongrass and mint loose leaf
lemongrass, peppermint and spearmint makes a refreshing after lunch tea 50 gram ..
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