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Our chocolate is manufactured from cocoa beans from plantations of the World producing cocoa beans of exceptional flavours.

Our speciality is regional souced Pacific cacao from bean to bar our chocolates are ground on black granite stone to reveal the rich flavours and smoothess ,delicous textures.

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Vanuatu cocoa liquor 100% -100gm
sourced from the Pacific Island of Vanuatu rich 100% pure cacao weight - 100gm variety - ..
Fijian cocoa  liquor 100% -100gm
Crafted from Fijian 100% cacao beans grown on Koro Island suitable for cooking or chocolate m..
Spanish drinking chocolate
The richness of this latin Euro chocolate is formed from, dark Latin Sth American cocoa (30%)bl..
Ghana- African cocoa liquor 100% -100gm
Sourced from Ghana on the West Coast of Africa this is 100% pure cocoa liquor ideal for chocolate..
 Cocoa butter 100%
100% pure African cocoa butter for chocolate making or cooking weight - 250gm   ..
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