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Oriental Beauty- 50g

Oriental Beauty- 50g
Oriental Beauty- 50g
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Oriental Beauty (IMO certified organic)

The beauty tea have many names: Formosa oolong, champagne oolong, Bai Hao Oolong, White tip Oolong, Oriental beauty, Eastern Beauty, Pong Fong tea. Bai Mao Hou.)

100 years ago the tea was called Formosa oolong during Qin dynasty to Japanese era whenit was the major tea for export to Europe and UK.

At the time people also called this tea champagne oolong. When Queen Elizabeth II of England drank this teait was re-named Oriental beauty.

There are still many different names which is comes from many different stories. Its original name called Bai Hao Oolong in Chinese or White tip Oolong in English. They are same meaning. Because when produce this tea that only two tender leaves and white-tipped buds are picked from the tea tree. Another name Pong Fong Tea is in Taiwanese pronunciation.

There is an interesting story traced back to the Japanese occupation era when a tea farmer in Xin Zhu area produced tea that was seriously bit by a green leaf bug. He took it to Taipei City for sale and got a very good price. He went back home and tell people from their village but people do not believe he could selling that tea in good price. Therefore people said that he is Pong Fong Pong Fong is mean, magnify the factor, overstate, or exaggerate. The harvest is usually during June to July when has the most green leafhoppers on the tea tree to suck on the tender tea leaves. So that is mean the best tea is from that season.

Because the obvious honey smell and taste of the tea you could feel most. The lower grade one is fruit like taste.

Oriental Beauty is about 70%-80% fermented. When finished the production that you could find the colorful dry leaf.

The color could be white, green, yellow, red, brown. Usually the top grade tea is like have 5 colors. .

Origin: Huang Shan, China Certificate: IMO certified Leaf color: color varying from dark brown to beige, with white tips

Brewed tea color: Gold at beginning then turn to the orange to amber color.

Aroma: Honey, Sweet & Smooth. Taste: The taste of this tea is unique with its fruity and honey flavor, light floral aroma.

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